Innovatively designed, LABO’s amenities offer a series of spaces that soften the boundaries between inside and out. It features a set of comprehensive services for a vibrant urban lifestyle.

A lobby that breaks with convention

Common areas for spending time together

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Penthouse-level gym with large windows

Book nook/seating area

Outdoor patio with BBQ and city views

Meeting room and workstations

Urban chalet with lounge, community kitchen, and pool table Lobby with waiting area

Urban chalet with lounge, community kitchen, and pool table Lobby with waiting area

Lobby with waiting area

Indoor pool (phase 2)

Bicycle storage

Car wash spaces (phase 2)

Indoor parking

Interactive mobile app

Smart lockers for receiving packages

Individual storage spaces on each floor

Free Wi-Fi in common areas

The Patio

LABO is also a creator of outdoor living spaces. The distinctive rooftop patio offers a stunning view of Montreal. The perfect spot to enjoy the heat and the beautiful summer evenings.


The lobby is where first impressions are made. It’s an inviting, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space for you and your guests to enjoy. It also sends a strong message to everyone about your lifestyle.


The lounge comes with all the services and amenities you need to make your everyday life a breeze. Its warm and lively atmosphere is perfect for having a friendly chat with your neighbours.

The gym

A private gym that will give you the energy to push your limits. This bright space on the top floor has a range of equipment and a space devoted to floor exercises, so everyone can get the workout they want!

Shared electric vehicle

Discover our shared electric vehicle, a modern convenience at the heart of our rental condos in Saint-Henri. This ecological initiative provides you with access to sustainable and convenient mobility, seamlessly integrated into your urban lifestyle. By choosing Labo MTL, you benefit from a flexible and environmentally friendly transportation solution. The shared electric car meets your mobility needs while contributing to a greener future, without sacrificing the comfort and style of your residence.

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