Located on the site of a former pharmaceutical plant and Dawson College’s Selby campus, this multi-family residential complex will transform the space into open, practical homes where every need is met. The architecture is inventive and perfectly tailored to the environment.


In keeping with the building’s original vocation, LABO inspires boldness, exploration, and discovery. It’s the epicentre of a bubbling lifestyle.

Immediate occupancy

Take possession of your rental unit as soon as you’re ready to move in. Experience the comfort of our contemporary apartments starting today.

LABO residents will keep being inspired beyond the project’s walls, in a neighbourhood that is vibrant, artistic, and open to the world.

The experience of strong partners

Founded in 2008, Montreal-based real estate developer PUR Immobilia focuses on revitalizing and developing strategically important sites. Hence the name PUR: Perfect Urban Redevelopment. PUR’s management team has the experience and expertise it takes to bring complex real estate projects to life.

EMD-Batimo Group is a leader in the construction and real estate industry in Quebec. Through its 25 years of experience, the company has developed a portfolio of residential complexes, including retirement homes, condominiums, and rental properties. They are attentive to their clients’ needs, making sure to offer unique, distinct products.
Founded in 1979, the company of engineering consultants in the field of building mechanics and electricity has developed a unique expertise in energy management, as well as the management of operational and technical maintenance concerns in existing buildings. In 1989 the company formed its real estate division to develop new uses for existing buildings. This was followed by its HVAC contractor division in 1997, before the company became a general contractor in 2005.

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